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          我要投稿 投訴建議


          時間:2021-02-26 14:31:33 英文求職信 我要投稿




            Distinguished leadership:


            First of all thank you in spite of being very busy toglance to inquire my cover letter, for a full of enthusiasm university student opens a door of hope, give me a chance of success.

            I am XX college a recent graduate, majoring in human resource management will face graduation.

            For four years, under the strict instructive and personal efforts of teachers, I have certain professional knowledge, systematically master the human resource management, performance management, financial management, and other related professional theory; Familiar with foreign related work commonly used etiquette; Can operate the computer skilled office software. At the same time, I use after school time widely in a lot of books, not only enrich himself, also cultivate their various skills. More importantly, the rigorous style of study and correct learning attitude shaped I guileless, calm and steady, innovative personality traits.

            In terms of thought, I can take an active part in the party organization in all kinds of meetings and activities, can actively study the party's basic theory knowledge, trying to grasp of marxism and MAO zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought. I raised the theory training, has obtained certain achievements in strengthening the party spirit cultivation, the party's nature, the party's guiding ideology, the mass line and the fundamental purpose and so on, have a more profound and accurate understanding, also a new sense of the party's organization principle, discipline, and communist party member's standard, obligations and rights, and fully meet the party, fully recognize the importance and necessity of the party on thought. And on the senior semester officially become a qualified party members.

            In addition, I also actively take part in all kinds of social activities and societies, as during the class, student union cadres and participate in social practice, seize every opportunity to exercise myself. University for four years, I deeply feel that, work with outstanding students, make me benefit in competition; To challenge the practical difficulties, let me grow in frustration.

            I love what the expensive unit is engaged in the business, eagerly hope under your leadership, for this glorious cause; And continuous learning in practice, progress. Swift horse galloping by bole, I need your appreciation and recognition, if you can give me a chance, I'll be more strict with themselves, with new look to meet brilliant tomorrow.

            Your moment of deliberation, the choice of my life!

            A once again, thank you in spite of being very busy toglance reading, and wishes the expensive unit to flourish, flourishing!



            Applicant: XXX

            On XX XX XX years
















            Respect the recruitment unit:


            I am ocean university garden is 20XX the student, will face graduation. I'm hoping to find a human resources management and administrative aspects of the job, I hope my CV can get the favour of you.

            Out of interest, when I was in university studied the human resources of books and newspapers. I know, a good human resource managers must do random strain, easy to accept the opinions of others, seasonal change. Control is strong, involuntary exposure to their emotions. In addition to master a certain knowledge of psychology. Want to have a moderate attitude, mood can't let people see volatility. Combined with their own interest and specialty, I think I can work related to this.

            I once served as * * ocean university department of eloquence to speech and debate. While in office, my work ability obtained the consistent affirmative, teachers and students have repeatedly as a party or a debate in the speech contest and host. These experiences not only improved my ability of oral communication and organization skills, more importantly, I learned how to treat people. In cooperation with others at the same time, I understand the importance of "collective".

            In addition, in learning, the work I've done it persevere. During the university I have received professional scholarships for many times. At the same time, I was a sophomore, respectively, with excellent results through the college English test band 4 and 6, 3 big also smoothly get visual foxpro vb intermediate certificate and Cambridge business English certificate. These are enough to prove that I have good learning ability. And I also believe that, for a graduate is about to step into society, the ability of learning and acquiring new knowledge is very important.

            Finish, I sincerely thank you for taking time to browse my cover letter. No matter whether I finally stand out as a member of your company, I sincerely wish your company's business is thriving!









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