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          我要投稿 投訴建議


          時間:2022-07-16 04:57:27 英文求職信 我要投稿


            Dear Sir:


            How are you!

            First of all to your hard work with deep respect, at the same time also sincerely thank you can in time out of his busy schedule to review my cover material.

            My name is XX, is * * university electronic business professional a graduating student, I love this professional and highly for its input energy and enthusiasm. In the university four years in short, I learned this professional and relevant professional theory knowledge, and by the outstanding result finished related courses, for the later work to lay a solid foundation of professional. At the same time, I pay attention to improve their English level, and the smooth through the country band 4 examination. In the rapid development of technology today, I followed the pace of development of science and technology, and constantly learning new knowledge, master the computer\s basic theory and application technology, and smoothly passed national computer level 2 (VFP language) test.

            Big 2:00, I served as the class of life work, committed to the students of the expense of management and organization students\ activities, and at the same time cooperate with other class committee keep relevant student management work, and obtained the teachers and students of the consistent high praise, a year of student cadre work developed my responsible attitude, and at the same time, improve my organization coordination ability and team spirit to help. In the organization of the students\ activities at the same time, I have organized two association, join the school and social activities, such as for disaster area donation, public welfare religion, to donate blood etc. Through the organization of activities, and participate in various activities, I formed the good style of work and attitude.

            In August 20xx, I was appointed the exam guideline signs up for "yunnan university general agent, mainly responsible for the newspaper in yunnan university and the promotion, and to subscribe to the distribution, in the recruitment of campus to subscribe to the member and the organization carries out the various related literature in the process of the cultivation of my organization and management ability. In September 20xx, I in yunnan joint one hundred network marketing Co., LTD. Practice, mainly responsible for marketing, customer management and organization planning supermarket sales promotion activity, more than a month practice life let I really realized the importance of teamwork, also let their real in the team gets taking exercise.

            Four years, in the leadership of the college, teacher to support and care about students help and their own efforts, I\m learning and practice have achieved great success, not only perfected the knowledge structure still exercise my will, improve the ability of my work, I believe that the four years of knowledge and all kinds of practice base, I can certainly well qualified for your company to provide marketing hillock, if I can become a member of your company, I will do this with all my enthusiasm and ability into my work. Please believe: you to achieve the is what I want to achieve.

            The pen, the no matter whether you choose me, please accept my sincere appreciation!

            Wish: your company prosperity!














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