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          時間:2021-02-23 18:46:06 讀書筆記 我要投稿





            Main Characters: the little prince, the pilot, the rose, the fox, the snake, etc.

            Despite I’ve not in my childhood yet, I still prefer reading fairy-tale stories. the tales, which accompany with me in my old days, often make me think of some precious experience and sensation which only belong to children. This summer I’ve review this kind of tale, which was published in 1940. It’s the world-famous fairy-tale by the French author, Antoine de St-xupery, The Little Prince.

            As many other fairy-tales, the outline of The Little Prince is not very complex. “I”, the narrator of the story, is a pilot whose plane has something wrong and lands in the Sahara. In this occasion, the pilot makes the acquaintance of the little prince, a little boy from another planet, the Asteroid B612. The little prince has escaped from his tiny planet, because he has some quarrel with a rose, which grows on his planet. In that case he left his own planet and took an exploration at some neighbor asteroids.

            On his all-alone journey, the little prince meets different kinds of people, which includes a king, a conceited man, a tippler, a businessman, a lamplighter and a geographer. From these people he gets a conclusion that the grown-ups are very odd. Following the instruction of the geographer, he descends in the Sahara, on the earth.

            Traveling on the earth, the little prince, who sees a garden of five-thousand roses, is overcome with astonishment and sadness, as he considers his rose is unique in the universe before. At that time a fox appears. The fox, who tell the little prince about the meaning of the word “tame”, becomes his new friend. At the time to say farewell, the fox makes him know that his rose is unique because she is his rose and tamed by him. From that the little prince begins to treasure friendship and be responsible to his rose.


            in order to enrich my summer vacation, which the extracurricular reading, my mother bought me a book titled the little prince is. i was wondering, what is the prince to man? a: i cant wait to get books and read it.

            see the introduction section, i just know, this book in the east and west are very famous, adults and children are like books. no wonder the teacher told us to buy the book. this book is about the little one lives in only one room, the planet for his roses watering everyday. later, he left the planet, travel, saw many strange people, in order to develop their horizons, and he came to the desert, he met an airplane pilots of broken. prince offered to help him, and he forged a deep friendship, in the book describes the prince since leaving, he missed his star rose to leave earth, he tried every way, even a little snake bites, and since then pilot never saw his wonderful description, etc.

            reading this book, i finally understood the purity of heart. like the prince deeply in love with him, in order not to let the rose flower, he was still please sheep eats sheep pilot drew a mask, for him, as he rose, if not just like all planets are lost. this is how sincere feelings! still say that fox, even little left, it will forever remember him.

            this story has many implication, tell us, not deceive, also dont puffed up, also do not have meaning in the waste of time and money, we should maintain the balance of baby mindset to finally, earnestly do every thing.

            i like the book, read a book, i learned that many human reason, also increased my knowledge, and maybe i know the original adults will have many do wrong. the grown-ups do every thing, all is not correct, and so we see things should go to watch it, just like the teacher to our request, and we hope that the child in the growth process, always keep a pure heart, to treat every thing, to find something we really must find in study, therefore, we should also with the same attitude to study hard, pursuing ideal goal.













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